Taking Control Using Food: One Month On

As you know, a month or so ago, due to having horrible new symptoms, I took control and started a journey towards optimum health by changing what I put into my body everyday . It has been one month since … Continue reading

Get your hands dirty in Art Therapy

Art therapy has been known to reduce a broad spectrum of symptoms related to pain and anxiety. A study conducted  by the Journal of Pain & Symptom Management found those suffering from chronic pain conditions reported significant reductions in eight out … Continue reading

The Spoon Theory – Rationing my Legs & Energy

Those of us with chronic illnesses are on a very strict budget. I’m not talking about money…but about energy. Have you ever had so little money that every penny you spend feels like you’re spending thousands of pounds? That’s how it … Continue reading

Taking control … Using food!

A few weeks ago, after reading a post from Steph Dodson’s blog – ‘Morning Sickness, can I use food as a medicine?’ recently, and researching the difference diet can make to symptoms, I decided to gradually change my diet. Every … Continue reading