Beetroot & Acai Smoothie

Yesterday I made the best pancakes – Beetroot Buckwheat Pancakes!! They were delicious and the colour was absolutely beautiful. We had some beetroot left (yey!) so I made this smoothie out of it this morning. I think I mentioned in … Continue reading

Gingernut Biscuits

I am a huge fan of ginger! I love asian food that is loaded with the aromatic, pungent and spicy flavours that ginger offers, and I’ve always loved ginger sweet treats, especially gingerbread men! I’ve recently discovered ginger offers more … Continue reading

Vanilla Chia Pudding w. Pineapple, Avocado & Lime Smoothie

At first I wasn’t sure about chia pudding, the tapioca consistency takes a little while to get used to but now I absolutely LOVE it. Chia puds are packed with plant protein, fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium and antioxidants, … Continue reading

Sometimes it’s just so frustrating

I want my blog to be a positive space but today I feel like opening up and revealing some of the realities of living with a chronic illness. Sometimes it can be so frustrating.  I’ve been ill with Postural Orthostatic … Continue reading

Vegan Chocolate & Strawberry Tart

      I am so excited to share this recipe with you all!! I am kind of proud of myself for managing to make this. I usually have to have help with cooking/baking because of my disability, but I … Continue reading

Pea & Mint Pesto Pasta

This is my absolute favourite meal at the moment! It’s so simple and easy to make that we’ve had it for dinner on three nights in the last week! It’s such a nice change from bog standard tomato sauces, and … Continue reading

The Ultimate Superfood Green Soup

  Last week was a very tough one symptom wise, and when I have a week like that I like to feed my body everything it needs to regain strength, no nasties! By Friday I was feeling very low and … Continue reading

Mini Key Lime, Avocado Tarts

Adapted Hemsley & Hemsley recipe As a lot of you may know from following me on Instagram, I’ve been suffering quite badly from migraines for the past week or so, due to the exertion of going down to Cornwall I … Continue reading

Strawberry, Cucumber & Mint Smoothie

Bright summer mornings make me crave sweet and creamy smoothies! Today was one of those… In this smoothie the cucumber and mint make it light, refreshing and hydrating, the strawberries and banana provide a delicious sweetness and the almond butter and … Continue reading

Small achievements from my week in Cornwall

          Last Monday I went down to Cornwall for just under a week to spend some time with Paddy and his parents, who very kindly drove me down. For those of you who don’t know, I live … Continue reading